UNRISD Workshop on Mineral Rent and Social Policy

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 8 may. 2008 15:28 por Manuel Riesco   [ actualizado el 26 may. 2008 0:13 ]

Spanish Version. UNRISD has continued its research on the decisive issue of mineral rents, development and social policies, with a seminar on "Social Policy in Mineral-Rich Countries." Several thematic and case studies were presented, which covered the general problem, as well as countries such as Chile, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Norway.Previous UNRISD findings[1] on the subject had aroused quite an argument in Chile, which helped to create public awareness that led to the imposition of a especial tax on mining profits in 2005.  
This debate will probably continue with the CENDA paper, which shows that - based on their own financial reports, which are for the first time presented to the public in a comprehensive manner - the private mining industry is withdrawing yearly earnings that are the equivalent of the major part of Chilean public social expenditure.