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UNRISD - Team Assistant

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 12 jul. 2010 16:22 por CENDA Chile   [ actualizado el 12 jul. 2010 16:23 por Manuel Riesco ]
* Team Assistant - Web, GS-5 (Temporary, 5 months), UNRISD Publication and Dissemination Unit (posted on 5 Jul 2010)

Manages, updates and contributes to the further development of internal databases used for the UNRISD website; updates website, including drafting and editing content; oversees general website administration; assists other staff with their contribution of content to the site; assists in design, development and maintenance of other related Internet applications; generates a variety of standard and non-standard statistical and other reports related to website usage; Provides specialized assistance in the production and delivery of electronic communication and dissemination products and services.