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Escuela de Verano CENDA 2018, 8 al 12 de enero

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Central European University, CEU, recruiting students Interested in Postgraduate Studies in Political Science

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The Department of Political Science at CEU invites you to apply for its one- and two-year MA program, as well as a PhD program, taught in English, in a highly international environment. The one-year MA and the PhD program are accredited in the U.S., the two-year MA has double, U.S. and Hungarian accreditation.

Future Applicants will find the information they need on our website.


Our department offers a wide range of financial assistance for prospective students. Scholarships and tuition fee waivers are available for both Master and PhD studies on a competitive basis. About 90% of the students at the Political Science Department are granted some kind of financial aid, ranging from tuition waivers to full stipends. Our outstanding 7:1 student/faculty ratio ensures the opportunity for professional development for each and every student and we aim to foster critical thinking and analytical skills through debates, workshops, seminars, and conferences.


The Political Science Department’s reputation for excellence in teaching and research has also been acknowledged by professional world university rankings. The department was placed in 2015 at the 29th place in the world, 7th in Europe by Quacquarelli Symonds. Our department was recognized as one of the best political science departments in Europe, receiving six stars from the CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development in 2010. The Department is proud to be the host to the prestigious ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) Summer School in Methods and Techniques.


Located in the lively and fascinating city of Budapest, the Central European University offers not only a unique experience of postgraduate studies in a dynamic and highly international graduate school environment, but it also enables students to achieve a successful international career. Our program has an excellent placement record and targets both future academics and students who wish to pursue professions in non-academic jobs such as civil service positions, the news media, NGOs, political and cultural organizations, and private businesses.


Attached you can find our brochure and a call for the current application season. The deadline for applications is February 1, 2017 so if you think you may be interested in our MA or PhD program, or have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you very much for your time.


Best wishes,

Carsten Schneider

Head, Department of Political Science

Central European University

Taller "La necesidad de políticas anticíclicas hoy", Economista Hugo Fazio, Jueves 22/09, 19.00hrs

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CENDA tiene el agrado de invitar al Taller "La necesidad de políticas anticíclicas hoy" impartido por Hugo Fazio Rigazzi, economista y Presidente de Fundación Cenda. La actividad será realizada el día Jueves 29 de septiembre entre 19.00 y 21.00 hrs en el auditorio Salvador Allende de nuestra Fundación, ubicada en calle Vergara n°578 -cerca de metro Toesca-, comuna de Santiago. Para inscripciones y más antecedentes escribir a:, o llamar al 226883760. Adjuntamos invitación.

Escuela Invierno CENDA, 11 al 15 de julio 2016, 19:00 - 21:00 hrs, Vergara 578

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Escuela de Verano CENDA 2016, 11 al 15 Enero 19:00 hrs., Vergara 578, Inscripciones 226883760.

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CENDA tiene el agrado de invitar a la Escuela de Verano 2016 que se celebrará en Vergara 578 del 11 al 15 de enero del 2016, a las 19:00 hrs. Inscripciones con mercedes.gallegos@cendachile al teléfono (22)6883760. Arancel 1 UF,  y arancel rebajado de 1/2 UF para estudiantes de pregrado. 

Escuela de Invierno (20 a 24 de julio 2015 )

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CENDA tiene el agrado de invitar a la Escuela de Invierno 2015 que se celebrara en vergara 578. Inscripciones al teléfono 2268883760. Arancel de una UF y media UF para estudiantes de pregrado. 

Escuela de verano Cenda 2015

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CENDA tiene el agrado de invitar a su Escuela de Verano 2015, que se dictará del 17y 23 de enero del 2015, a las 19 hrs., en Vergara 578. Inscripciones al tel. (2) 26883760 y mercedes.gallegos@cendachile.clVer invitación

Escuela de invierno CENDA 2014, 4 a 18 agosto

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CENDA tiene el agrado de invitar a su Escuela de Invierno 2014, que se dictará del 4 al 18 de agosto, a las 19 hrs., en Vergara 578. Inscripciones al tel. (2) 26883760 y Ver invitación. 

Escuela de Otoño CENDA 2014

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Se dictará en CENDA, Vergara 578, entre el 12 y 16 de mayo del año 2014, a las 19:00. Ver invitación.

Taller de Coyuntura Económica 2014

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Taller a cargo del economista y profesor Hugo Fazio, todos los jueves desde el 20 de marzo de 2014 entre las 19:00 y 20:30 Hrs.  Ver más

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